Our Services

We offer quality and cost-effective employment advocacy services for employers throughout New Zealand.

Our client services include drafting individual employment agreements for staff at all levels of the organisation; negotiating collective agreements; assisting in the resolution of employment relationship problems, personal grievances and dispute resolution, training; and the provision of a monthly client newsletter which focuses on current contentious issues in employment law.

Employment Agreement – Drafting – Advocacy

We are ideally placed to draft employment agreements designed to meet your operational requirements and to reflect the nature of the relationship which you want to promote with employees. We can assist at any level of this process from the initial strategic planning phase through to drafting, negotiation and implementation of agreements, either individual or collective.

Our experience encompasses planning through crisis situations such as strikes and lockouts, including where necessary, the use of injunctions to prevent such action where it is unlawful.

Employment Relationship Problem, Personal Grievance and Dispute Resolution, Mediation – Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court

We have extensive experience in the resolution of employment relationship problems, including dealing with personal grievance claims. We prefer to be involved in such matters before they come to a head, and as such see our primary role as assisting in grievance and dispute prevention. To this end we are available to give either written or verbal advice on how to proceed in relation to staffing issues to avoid potential problems.

Our team has a breadth of experience in all aspects of formal representation and advocacy including the following:

  • Mediation Services and Employment Relations Authority Representation
    • Mediated Hearings
    • Personal Grievance Claims
    • Disputes over the interpretation of agreements
    • Breach of employment agreement claims
    • Compliance Order Claims
    • Arrears of Wages Claims
  • Employment Court Representation
    • Appeals from Employment Relations Authority determinations
    • Injunctions (both interim and substantive)
    • Compliance Orders
    • Enforcement and Damages actions

Client Newsletter

We have a client newsletter “The Advocate” which is published monthly. If you would like to receive this publication please vist our newsletter page and fill out the form.